SDA – Small Domestic Appliances

All Recycling’s SDA (Small Domestic Appliances) recycling plant, which was built according to strict European WEEE regulations, provides a perfect and cost-effective solution for customers and the environment for recycling electronics, electrical products, and computer equipment of all kinds defined by law.

At the heart of the plant is an advanced automatic recycling production line for electronic waste recycling, which is the largest in the Middle East. Thanks to the line’s innovative technologies, our customers enjoy fast, meticulous and skilled treatment and service, from A to Z.

The line’s sorting capabilities eliminate any need for customers to sort the waste themselves, ensuring recycling, in practice, at a level of 99.5% without landfill (we even recycle the dust created during the recycling process). The array’s unique shredding process includes shredding and sorting of the waste using tens of the most sophisticated machines in the world with a scraping rate of about 5 tons per hour.

So as to completely, 100%, protect the customer’s privacy and the organization’s information, we perform a number of grinding processes that ensure complete destruction of all data that may be contained in various components and parts.

In accordance with the holistic and circular concept of All Recycling, we treat each and every material, plastics and various metals, including precious metals that appear only in small quantities in the waste, and then prepare them at a quality and physical shape that is right for reuse in various industries.

When the process has been completed, within 48 hours from the time of collection,
we issue each customer recycling and disposal certificates as needed, according to
the recycling laws of the State of Israel.

All the reasons to choose All Recycling:

All Recycling is the leading and most advanced recycling company, in the Middle East and in Israel, for recycling electrical and electronic waste.

Advanced technologies, an innovative and advanced production line, experts with extensive and proven experience, nationwide coverage, and comprehensive management of our internal logistic unit enable us to help our customers implement recycling of electronic waste effectively, safely and in accordance with all environmental regulations. The attention to details and responsibility of all our staff provide our customers with peace of mind.

  • Environmental benefits

    Environmental benefits

    Our production line is one of the most advanced in the world, aimed at achieving 0% landfill and with no pollution whatsoever.

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  • Controlled and documented process

    Controlled and documented process

    Strict management, registration and monitoring of all stages of the process, and issuance of certificates in accordance with the law and regulations.

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  • Experience


    All Recycling is a long-standing company, serving more than 1,000 of the largest concerns in the Israeli market.

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  • Certification and regulation

    Certification and regulation

    The factory was built according to WEEE regulations and holds certificates for IS0-9001, ISO-14001, and Business Licenses from local authorities and the Office of Environmental Protection, as well as Toxin Handling Permits.

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  • Advanced automatic production line

    Advanced automatic production line

    With production capabilities of 30,000 tons per year.

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  • Privacy and data security

    Privacy and data security

    Strict recycling processes ensure complete destruction of devices and your data.

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  • Sorting, renewing and recycling

    Sorting, renewing and recycling

    We allocate everything we treat to reuse whenever possible, and when that is not possible, send all recycled materials to be used as raw materials for industry.

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Certificates and certifications

ISO 9001
ISO 14001

Leading customers choose All Recycling

Reduce risk significantly by choosing a company that can provide you with All Recycling in your choice.
And the electronics of your organization or business IT is a broad and comprehensive solution in the entire field of equipment handling

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