Environmental responsibility is also a social responsibility

Corporate responsibility

All Recycling believes that change begins, first of all, with us. As a company that carries the banner of environmental responsibility and is a living example of having a clean, advanced recycling plant without any sewage and / or smoke pollution, involvement and social action light our way.

All Recycling takes an active part in a number of social and community involvement initiatives, both directly and through sister companies in the group and the parent company, All Trade. In addition, the organization is careful to apply the principles of social responsibility in day-to-day work in areas such as: diversity and inclusion; organizational ethics; employees; responsibility in purchasing; contributing to the community; volunteer work; environmental quality; transparency, and more.

Contribution to the community

Contribution and Volunteering

All Recycling is committed to contributing to the community and social involvement in the framework of its unique recycling processes.

As part of the collaborative contributions, computer equipment is donated to educational institutions, various associations are involved in the dismantling processes, educational and informational programs are conducted, and more.

Among the organizations that All Recycling partners with in these efforts are the JNF, the “Pitchon Lev” Association, the “Enosh Association”, and more.


Corporate and environmental responsibility

More Trees Less Waste

The All Trade Group (the parent company of All Recycling) adopted the JNF and decided to plant a tree on each refurbished computer that is purchased. Hence, some of the company's revenue is transferred to the JNF.

These are refurbished computers that were initially collected as e-waste.

The implications of planting trees on such scales are enormous: trees are an important tool in the fight against greenhouse gases and climate change, and contribute to air purification through the process of photosynthesis, carbon dioxide uptake and oxygen production. You may be surprised to hear that during its lifetime a single tree absorbs 20 tons of carbon dioxide and produces 700 kg of oxygen, which is about two years of oxygen consumption per person. Instead of buying a new computer, which adds to environmental pollution, the customer buys a new, green computer.

E-waste collection request form

For electronic waste collection, please send us the following details or call us directly: Or call 073-2633382