All Recycling holds today the most advanced knowledge, expertise and technologies in Israel for the recycling of electronics and computing products. As a result of its innovative knowledge and technology the company has been a leader in the field of electronic recycling in Israel for almost two decades, and holds the most stringent recycling certifications in the world: ISO 9100 and ISO 14001 as per accepted processes in the Western world, as well as a business license, and toxin permits and licenses from the Ministry of Environmental Protection. All Recycling’s factory was built in according to the standards set by WEEE.

Regarding the recycling of electronic equipment of various types, All Recycling operates in strict accordance with the provisions of the Environmental Treatment for Electrical and Electronic Equipment and Batteries Law, 2012, which became law on March 1, 2014, as well as all the regulations that were enacted under its auspices (the “Recycling Law”). The goal of the law is to turn electronic waste from an environmental nuisance that causes great damage to public health, to a public resource, with an emphasis on recycling and reuse. It is in that light that All Recycling offers many diversified solutions in every field of electronic waste treatment, enabling it to provide a comprehensive solution that includes consulting, transportation, logistics, sorting, renewal, and recycling of electronic and electrical equipment and batteries. In this framework, All Recycling also provides data destruction and shredding services, including the execution of complex projects for large organizations, both Israeli and international. As part of the recycling process, electronic waste is sorted into its various components, including rare and valuable metals as well as semi-noble metals such as copper.

In the last decades, there has been a significant increase in the activities relating to the environment in the world and in Israel, which are reflected, among other things, in the application, supervision and enforcement of environmental legislation and in the activities of environmental organizations. The Ministry of Environmental Protection has set itself the goal of turning waste from a nuisance into a resource, while reducing the amount of waste transferred to landfills. Through electronic waste recycling, the polluting metals and oils and gases are treated environmentally and are not dumped into the environment and / or unregulated landfill. Electronic waste recycling enables the achievement of two important environmental goals at the same time: reducing the amount of waste transferred to landfill on the one hand and preserving the quality of the soil, and preventing the pollution of groundwater and the emission of poisonous gases on the other.

In the age of digital transformation and IoT almost every product or appliance in our lives contains an electronic chip and/or component. In addition, the life of electronic products is particularly short due to new technologies that are appearing daily.

In that light, the Recycling Law imposes various responsibilities and obligations on (non-domestic) electronic waste holders’, and allows the imposition of financial sanctions and personal liability on officers for infractions. The recycling technologies that All Recycling offers its customers have a number of significant benefits, for both customers and the environment. First, recycling waste components does away with the need to bury them. Burying waste in the soil, along with harming the environment, is an alternative that results in the waste of financial resources and available land. As opposed to that, it is possible to profit from the sale of recycled materials while preventing environmental pollution. Beyond that, it is important to note that, starting in January 2021, the law completely forbids dumping of electronic waste.

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