Today, the whole world is advancing to a business concept of a green and circular economy. All Recycling is the only company in the country that provides an overall solution for a perfect connection between the environment and the economy.


Environmental awareness and corporate responsibility of organizations for their electronic waste, as well as other hazardous materials, has increased in recent years and it will continue to be a central issue in our economy in years to come. Almost 20 years ago All Recycling recognized this need, and since then, has grown to be the leading company in Israel in the field of electronic waste and metals recycling.

This need for recycling in Israel is particularly acute. Consumption volumes are rising exponentially every year as a result of the consumer culture of recent years, which is characterized by greater availability of new catagories and products, accessibility to make purchases on international trade sites, the advantages of replacing products rather than repairing them, the increase in the standard of living, and population growth. Moreover, Israel is known as an advanced market that adopts high-speed technologies, resulting in a per capita quantity of electronic waste that is among the highest in the world, approximately 20 kg. of waste per person per year.

As such, in order to deal correctly and quickly with the urban waste that organizations produce, All Recycling brings to the Israeli market a degree of expertise, the highest level of service and compliance with stringent international standards, which are in line with those required by the world’s leading organizations.

All Recycling provides organizations with a quick and large-scale solution for a wide range of electronic waste and metals, while meeting all strict regulatory requirements and protecting the organization’s privacy. All Recyling’s range of solutions is large and diverse, covering the entire field of electronic waste treatment, which enables it to provide a comprehensive end-to-end solution in the areas of consulting, transportation, logistics, sorting, renewal, destruction and the recycling of electronic waste and metals.

As the owner of the largest recycling line in the Middle East in the field of SDA, All Recycling has the ability to handle quantities of waste of various types and complex projects in a short time. All Recycling disposes of all equipment marked for dismantling, including equipment that has a negative recycling value and collaborates with All Trade to recycle equipment that can be reused.

As the market and regulatory requirements in the field develop, so too will All Recycling continue to lead and provide a broad and professional solution for the treatment of the various types of waste and beyond. All Recycling is one of the only companies in the field that cultivates an R&D center and conducts experiments, developing innovative chemical processes to improve the level and quality of recycling.


Vision and Goals

Since its establishment in 2008, All Recycling has strived to become a leading factor in Israel in providing a complete, professional and perfect solution for the dismantling and treatment of electronic waste and metals. The business concept that drives the company is based on the foundations of circular economy, according to which organizations must look at the system of factors connecting the environment and the economy as a holistic system. All Recycling implements this concept through business collaborations with companies in the All Trade group, and other companies in Israel and around the world. Since then and to this day, All Recycling has been implementing this concept and has business, professional and scientific achievements to show for it.

About seventy people work in All Recycling, in three shifts, in various fields, including chemists, production workers, logistics, operations, production and sales. As an Israeli “Blue and White” company, the pursuit of excellence in all areas advances the positioning of the company in the world. As a green and dynamic company, All Recycling has a R&D department for the development of new solutions and holds patents in the field of metals of various kinds, and is expanding this activity to additional fields and new materials, working to make the impossible possible.


With the increase in raw material prices in recent decades, along with the increasing number of electronic devices that surround us, there is a need for green solutions and connecting the economy and the environment, strengthening the element of saving and lessening harm to the environment. All Recycling complies with all the rules and regulations in the Israeli law for recycling electronic waste.


For over 20 years, the professional team of All Recycling has handled the recycling needs of the leading companies in Israel and around the world with dedication, precision, discretion and speed.

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