Battery recycling

The advancement of technology is facilitating the realization of mobility based on that technology. Already from the beginning of the millennium we have seen the transition from wired products to portable ones, such as ETOOLS, laptops, cellphones, and others. Today with the development of transportation in general, and urban transportation in particular, with an emphasis on the adoption of technologies that drive electric bicycles and scooters, we are witness to a sharp increase in the quantity of waste from batteries, and that is before the full realization of the use of electric and hybrid vehicles that is expected to flood the market with electronic waste. The number of new vehicles sold in Israel today is 300,000 per year – just imagine what will happen when 10% … or 90% … of them are electric.

Battery life, of course, depends on the type and power of the battery, type of use and other parameters, but usually ranges from 1-5 years. This results in devices that contain batteries, or at least the battery components in the device, becoming waste very quickly.

Batteries contain many toxic substances that pollute the environment. When a process of decay begins in a battery, the substances released emit toxic greenhouse gases into the air, so if the battery remains in our living area it is a factor that adversely affects our quality of life. If we throw the battery in a regular waste bin, it is highly likely that it will be buried in a landfill and pollute the groundwater we will drink in the future, as well as killing living creatures in the water and general eco-system.

Therefore, battery recycling, and proper treatment of them according to the most stringent procedures, is one of the most important areas in the field of recycling. We at All Recycling operate according to the most stringent procedures. As of recently, we are doing R&D in collaboration with the Chief Scientist of the Economy Ministry, to develop environmentally green and economic processes. We will continue to generate solutions and find new and creative ways to deal with environmental challenges that life and technological advances bring with them.

All the reasons to choose All Recycling:

All Recycling is the leading and most advanced recycling company, in the Middle East and in Israel, for recycling electrical and electronic waste.

Advanced technologies, an innovative and advanced production line, experts with extensive and proven experience, nationwide coverage, and comprehensive management of our internal logistic unit enable us to help our customers implement recycling of electronic waste effectively, safely and in accordance with all environmental regulations. The attention to details and responsibility of all our staff provide our customers with peace of mind.

  • Environmental benefits

    Environmental benefits

    Our production line is one of the most advanced in the world, aimed at achieving 0% landfill and with no pollution whatsoever.

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  • Controlled and documented process

    Controlled and documented process

    Strict management, registration and monitoring of all stages of the process, and issuance of certificates in accordance with the law and regulations.

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  • Experience


    All Recycling is a long-standing company, serving more than 1,000 of the largest concerns in the Israeli market.

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  • Certification and regulation

    Certification and regulation

    The factory was built according to WEEE regulations and holds certificates for IS0-9001, ISO-14001, and Business Licenses from local authorities and the Office of Environmental Protection, as well as Toxin Handling Permits.

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  • Advanced automatic production line

    Advanced automatic production line

    With production capabilities of 30,000 tons per year.

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  • Privacy and data security

    Privacy and data security

    Strict recycling processes ensure complete destruction of devices and your data.

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  • Sorting, renewing and recycling

    Sorting, renewing and recycling

    We allocate everything we treat to reuse whenever possible, and when that is not possible, send all recycled materials to be used as raw materials for industry.

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Certificates and certifications

ISO 9001
ISO 14001

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