Recycling “Hot” and “YES” receivers

Recycling receivers and modems for “YES” and “HOT Telecom” in recent years.

The Alltrade Company specializes in recycling equipment of telecom, cable, and satellite companies, and is approved by the leading companies in Israel: YES and HOT.

In the last 5 years, Alltrade recycled over 2 million units of receivers, modems, and related equipment, and thus in addition to the excellent environmental solution letting companies treat equipment they no longer need, generated large revenues for the companies.

So what does such a project look like?

  1. Assessment – preliminary visit to the removal location, study of the needs, and logistic preparations.
  2. Collection – sending collection vehicles suitable for the type of work and conducting a quick, thorough, and service-oriented collection job.
  3. Absorption, distribution and reporting – every collection is documented with photos and paperwork that record the delivery of the products, the received amount (or weight) and the method of transport. The products immediately undergo an initial screening process, preparation for recycling, and a report is made for accounting purposes.
  4. Recycling – the entire recycling process takes place at our factory, the world’s most technologically advanced – without creating landfills, waste water, or air pollution.
  5. Reporting to the customer – the customer will receive a detailed report on each collection job, including a description of the weight and contents of each specific collection, as well as certificates of destruction and recycling.
  6. Account settlement and payment – based on the prices agreed upon in advance, the companies will receive generous compensation.

All these activities are carried out at our sites without the intervention of any “third parties”. This instills certainty, protects the client’s brand, and a guarantees that you won’t find your products in the “gray” market.

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