Ministry of Defense

Recycling for the Ministry of Defense

Over the years AllRecycling has gained vast experience in recycling primary lithium batteries on a large scale.

The lithium batteries of the Ministry of Defense are primary batteries, classified as a hazardous material that must be handled under complex and strict processes requiring specific work procedures as well as sorting and packaging methods.

Transportation and containerization of this material must be done in accordance with the Basel Convention, which regulates transboundary movements of hazardous materials and requires a long and complex procedural process.

Along with its environmental consultants in Israel and abroad, AllRecycling took on itself the entire task, including the complex process of issuing all the permits required for this activity, while working with the Ministries of Environmental Protection in Israel, the transit countries, and the destination country.

 AllRecycling has recycled 100% of these batteries without dumping any in landfills, utilizing and extracting the lithium and adding the rest of the raw materials produced in the process to asphalt mixtures for roads in Europe. This is the best possible economic and environmental solution.

In such complex endeavors, experience, as well as knowledge of the materials and the infrastructure, are of paramount importance for the project’s success!

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