Electric Corporation

Recycling for the Electric Corporation

Since 2014, Alltrade has been recycling electronic waste and accessories for the Israel Electric Corporation, providing the most advanced and high-quality environmental solution.

Our company comes to the customers’ requested location to pick up electrical appliances taken out of commission by the Israel Electric Corporation, rendering them essentially “retired”.

Our company studies the customers’ needs, the type and volume of equipment expected to be treated, and makes assessments during preliminary on-site visits we conducted to stud the needs and make the required logistical preparations on our part.

Using our trucks, we collect the equipment, which goes to our sorting center where the products are designated either for reuse or destruction and recycling, and so that we can report to the known implementation bodies, all in accordance with the environmental law on e-waste recycling.

We guarantee that 100% of the equipment will be treated, restored and/or recycled at our factory – the most technologically advanced in the Middle East – as we recycle without creating landfills, waste water, or air pollution.

Throughout the process, the customer receives reports about the types and volume of waste collected, as well as destruction and recycling certificates, as needed.

For computer products that pass for reuse, the customer will receive a monetary reward.

Keep in mind that all procedures are carried out at our sites without the intervention of any “third parties”. This instills certainty, protects the client’s brand, and a guarantees that you won’t find your products in the “gray” market.

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