The process of recycling electronic waste

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Have you decided to be environmentally conscious and recycle your organization’s old IT equipment? Take note:

Our company offers a full, end-to-end process, in which all stages are executed and overseen by our company (no subcontractors). This ensures that we can minimize the risks of this process and complete it under one roof, in a designated complex that is among the most advanced of its kind in the Middle East. It was built to provide service to you ­­- a comprehensive solution.

Preparation of equipment at a customer’s site – dismantling and packaging:

Collection  – coordination of equipment pick-up can be done through your point of contact at our company and/or by submitting a request form through the website. Collection will occur at a date that is convenient for our customer, using as little as a single palette or as much as entire truckloads.

Transportation to the sorting facility – efficient, safe and secure transportation in Israel and elsewhere in the world. This will generally be done by our fleet of trucks and drivers. From this moment on, shipments are assigned a unique number that will remain associated with it until the appropriate recycling has been completed.

Sorting and reporting – every shipment arrives at the company’s sorting facility. Each shipment is photographed, documented and weighed, and only then does the sorting process begin. It is conducted by technicians who handle both products wıth technological potential, which are earmarked for refurbishing, and products without technological potential, which are earmarked for recycling. The sorting facility functions and reports in accordance with the electronic waste recycling law, and sorts the equipment into the 6 categories specified in the law. It works in full cooperation with accredited implementation entities, and jointly issues a deposit and recycling certificate for the waste, in accordance with the law.

Conducting additional activities as per a customer’s request – our company has many capabilities, which we make available to our customers. These services include data destruction, debranding, physical shredding or serial deletion, and serial scanning (for deleting equipment from a customer’s inventory). To receive other services, please contact our service team.

Conducting recycling or reusing procedures – immediately after sorting, equipment is transferred to its final destination. When equipment is earmarked for reuse, it will be transferred within the same complex to have its electronic assemblies and internal parts fixed. The exterior is improved until the product is brought to a refurbished state, when it will be sold to a warm and loving home, which will reuse it. We will provide service and warranties in Israel and around the world.

When equipment is earmarked for recycling, it, too, will be handled at our plant, the most advanced of its kind in the Middle East. Our plan handles all types of electronic waste, and can recycle up to 30,000,000 kilograms of waste per year.

Reporting during the recycling process – throughout the process, that is, at the beginning, in the middle, and, of course, at the end of the process, our customers receive updates, which also include reports on the additional services they had requested. All reporting is done in compliance with legal requirements for recycling electronic waste.

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