Data erasure and destruction services

Have you decided to replace your old IT equipment with new equipment, and, of course, to have your electronic waste recycled? Great! We feel that it’s important for you to know that the data on your old IT equipment can be destroyed.

There are many memory components in modern hardware that contain sensitive information about a company or its customers, so it’s important to ensure that this data is destroyed at the beginning of the processes in a high-quality and controlled way.

Our company runs a controlled quality data destruction process that erases 100% of the data, making it impossible to recover. This is done using software made available to us through our business partnership with Blancco, a global leader in this area. This solution has been approved by countries and governmental authorities around the world, as well as NATO, the United States Department of Defense, financial institutions, and more. The data can also be physically destroyed by shredding the e-waste into chips.

When using software to delete data, each data element is given a special certificate, along with the component’s personal serial number. This certificate is automatically issued by the system immediately after the data destruction processes have ended.

During physical destruction, as per our customers’ requests, the company will issue a certificate specifying the details and identity of the person who shredded the equipment.

 Destroying hard disks and parts that contain data

Disks are shredded using a shredder, which shreds the product into chips that can’t be recomposed.

Once the shredding process is complete, a destruction certificate, which lists the identity and the weight of the destroyed equipment, will be sent out.

The shredded material produced at the end of this process is recycled into various raw materials in an environmentally friendly way. Many of our customers, including banks and large insurance companies, choose this work method to ensure that any data on the disks has been completely erased.

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Data erasure and destruction services

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