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Electronic waste – rising quantities

In the past, inventions, such as the record player, lasted for decades. Today, however, an electronic product stays relevant for several years, at best. In some cases, it is only relevant for a few months.

We are living in the digital age, when new and constantly emerging technologies take the place of other products.

This is how the mobile phone antiquated the MP3 player, which, in turn, antiquated the once-popular Walkman obsolete. This is how VOD antiquated the media center, which antiquated the DVD, which antiquated the laser disc, which antiquated the videotape cassette.

And these are just a few of many examples…

The increasing production of electronics creates a torrential flood of electronic waste made up of old or broken equipment that is no longer usable.

While this waste accounts for only a small proportion of household waste, it accounts for about 70% of hazardous waste. It contains metals that quickly decompose and seep into groundwater, polluting our drinking water.

As a leading Middle Eastern company in the treatment of electronic waste, Alltrade prevents this waste from being buried in landfills. It takes measures to prolong the lifetime of these products, or completely recycles them.



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