Electronic waste recycling for municipalities

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A solution for electronic waste removal as part of the disposal of solid waste.

A solution for electronic waste recycling, which can be integrated into the municipality’s or local authority’s solid waste disposal services, can present many environmental advantage that benefit both the residents and the local authority itself
It is nearly impossible to implement any electronic waste recycling program without partnering with an entity that has proven abilities in handling the required quantities of waste, with the required logistics and level of professionalism.
By partnering with All Recycling, an implementation entity or local authority gains access to All Recycling’s extensive experience and capabilities in these fields. This can ensure the program’s success.
All Recycling Group can handle any quantity of household electronic waste, using advanced technology to automatically sort and separate materials without polluting the air or the water.

  • A comprehensive solution for electronic waste.
    A comprehensive end-to-end solution for collecting electronic waste.
    • Support and consulting on collection sites within the city
    • All types of electronic and metallic waste is delivered without delay to our plant – which is larger than two soccer stadiums, and can treat over 30 million kilograms of waste every year.
    • An environmentally-friendly recycling program that does not emit pollutants into the air or pollute the water
    • We issue recycling certificates for each collection site.



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