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Why is Alltrade the best choice for recycling your organization’s electronic waste?

All Recycling offers a large selection of solutions for all aspects of electronic waste treatment, so that the company can provide an end-to-end and comprehensive solution for consulting, shipping, logistics, sorting, refurbishing, destruction, and recycling of electronic waste.

You significantly reduce risk when choosing All Recycling, a company that can provide a comprehensive and extensive solution to handle every aspect of your business’s IT and electronic equipment.

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So, what makes AllTrade the leading Israeli company for refurbishing and recycling electronic waste?

  • Proven environmental abilities, including refurbishing and recycling electronic waste.
  • Experience handling extensive projects involving great quantities of waste.
  • An advanced automated assembly line, the largest in the Middle East, set up following an enormous investment. It allows us to treat 30 million kilos of waste per year. The area of the All Trade plant is 100,000 square feet – larger than two soccer stadiums.
  • Sorting, refurbishing and recycling – all under one roof. A high-quality environmentally-friendly process that implements the three R’s: Reuse, Recycle & Reduce
  • Independent Logistic capabilities and experienced, high-quality personnel. Our employee team is skilled, it has undergone significant training, and it has amassed experience in complex projects.
  • A controlled and documented process. Every collection is individually managed.
  • WEEE-approved.
  • Responsible treatment that complies with the ISO 14001 standard and all required environmental processes, including separating battery waste, toner cartridges and screens containing mercury pollutants.
  • Recycling and reporting, as required by the Electronic Waste Law, to avoid regulatory attention.
  • Part of a veteran and well-established entity created in 1937.

Innovation in Recycling Electronic Waste:

All Trade Recycling is at the forefront of the effort to refurbish and recycle electronic waste, and is a leading company in the automatic separation of materials the products were originally composed of.

All Trade Recycling uses a clean, automated and environmentally-friendly process that does not pollute any water supplies or create smoke, to convert electronic waste into industrial raw materials. The plant produces plastics, iron metal, stainless steel metal, aluminum, titanium, copper, and precious metals present in minute quantities within the electronic waste.
Every plant that purchases the raw materials we produce is thoroughly reviewed by our company, to ensure that these products are truly reintroduced into industry. This is how we complete the green cycle that we’ve committed ourselves to.

 Certificates and licenses:

iso 14001  ISO9001


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