Tips for planning a public collection event:

Collection form

Before the event


  • Prepare a site plan, including recommendations for managing traffic.
  • Provide manning guidance
  • Define a plan and timetable for the event
  • Develop a marketing plan and timetable


  • Include local communication, if possible
  • Promote collection activities, including the determined location, day and time
  • Create awareness of the importance of an effective sign system
  • Open a constant message channel on several media outlets

During the event

  • Administration
  • Manage the event site – arranging collection options
  • Handle the organization of the site, and help with restoration
  • Implement a safety program to ensure the safety of employees and others present on site

After the event

  • Recycling
  • Provide logistic support
  • Maintain authorized services
  • Use documentation and control processes
  • Provide data security for all computer equipment
  • Batch/load report
  • Total weight of collected material
  • Volume of waste that did not end up in a landfill
  • Handling hazardous materials
  • Adapted reports made available upon request

Timely reports



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