Educating the public

Collection form

We must educate the country’s inhabitants and implore them not to throw electronic products into the waste bin, but rather, to dispose of these products at collection sites distributed throughout their local authority’s jurisdiction, and to separate them from wet or dry waste.

What can be recycled, and what can’t?
Why is it important to recycle electronic waste?
How can residents contribute to this important cause?

Urban collection system
Alltrade will provide consultation on the best and most environmentally-friendly and economical way to distribute urban collection sites, in compliance with the environmental Electronic Waste Recycling Law, and based on the company’s extensive experience in the area of public access and the complicated logistical aspects of waste collection.

Logistics and shipment
Alltrade can securely and efficiently collect waste from collection sites and transport it to the plant using trucks owned by Alltrade Group. During shipping, each shipment will be given a PO number, which will appear on the shipment from the time it is collected, until the time it is recycled.

Sorting and reporting
Once the equipment arrives at our sorting facility, it will be weighed and sorted according to the categories specified in the Electronic Waste Recycling Law. After sorting, we’ll report the types and quantities of electronic waste, and transport the waste to the recycling facility located at the same complex.

Within 24 hours, waste is sent to the recycling facility, where advanced recycling occurs. Our recycling plant operates in accordance with all of the required permits, and was built in compliance with strict European standards. The assembly line includes many shredders and highly advanced sorting machines that allow us to handle large volumes of waste – 30 million kilograms per year. Our recycling plant is a closed system that does not cause air pollution or pollute the water.

Recycling completion reporting and quarterly reports
After recycling has completed, we’ll report to you that recycling has been completed, we’ll give you the PO number and tell you how much waste has been recycled, and we’ll notify you about the destroyed products, to the extent that these certificates are necessary.

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