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All Recycling is one of the only Israeli companies to purchase and reuse used IT peripheral equipment. Reusing could mean refurbishing the equipment and selling it to customers, or recycling it as electronic waste, in compliance with the strictest standards in the industry.

Most of the old equipment becomes electronic waste. This waste is toxic and very hazardous, and it entails additional costs for the customer, such as storage and inventory management costs. The metal in the old computer equipment that was thrown out decomposes quickly and seeps into groundwater. In Israel, the concentration of metals in drinking water has been steadily increasing. Heavy metals cause long-term ecological damage, which will ultimately spell environmental disaster for us and our children. Electronic waste also takes up quite a bit of space, and can’t be compacted. It has become costly and problematic to bury this waste, which also wastes a considerable amount of resources.

All Recycling is one of the only companies in Israel to purchase and reuse used peripheral equipment, by either refurbishing and reselling to its customers, or by recycling the equipment as electronic waste, in compliance with the strictest standards.
Thanks to Alltrade’s business activities as a hardware broker in Israel and around the globe, the company has maintained the necessary connections with leading international producers in the industry, as well as the world’s leading recycling firms. With these connections, Alltrade can enter directly into contracts and eliminate up to four levels of brokerage.

All Recycling also clears away any equipment with a negative recycling value, and commits to removing all of your company’s equipment. Others simply choose the equipment they feel is worthwhile for them to deal with (based on changing market conditions). By choosing Alltrade as your recycling partner, you assure your customers that all of your equipment is legally decomposed, and not thrown away or dealt with in irresponsible ways, because All Recycling is committed to reusing or fully recycling any equipment it receives, in accordance with the law and safety standards.

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